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Welcome to AHEAD III

AHEAD III - Assessment of Hearing in the Elderly: Aging and Degeneration - Integration through Immediate Intervention (2008-2011)

Europe is facing the burden of its ageing population. Europe is living in an era of unprecedented, rapid and inexorable global ageing (20% over 60 in 2000, 28% by 2020!).
The imperative to prevent, delay, minimize and reverse functional decline of elderly is becoming more and more pressing as the size of the older population in Europe grows.

Project AHEAD III has been specifically designed to:

  • Provide evidence of the effects of hearing impairment in adults and particularly in the elderly;
  • Increase the awareness among administrators, policy makers, health care professionals and the public opinion about early detection and intervention for hearing impairment in adults and particularly in the elderly;
  • Analyse costs associated with the implementation of integrated large scale, or nationwide, programmes of hearing screening and intervention in adults;
  • Provide minimum requirements for screening methods and the related diagnostic techniques;
  • Develop recommendations and guidelines on how to implement successful screening programmes using the variety of available methods, and begin setting new criteria for recently proposed technologies (screening over the phone, over the internet, etc.) and methods for hearing disability screening;

    The Project came to its end October 31, 2011, but its activities continue ...

    The 2nd International Conference on Adult Hearing Screening - AHS 2012 is held on June 7-9, 2012

    • AHEAD III on EC "Cordis News" - website

AHEAD III is a project funded by the European Commission
VII Framework Programme - Cooperation
Theme 1: Health - Other Cronic Diseases
Hearing Impairment and Degeneration

Institute of Biomedical Engineering CNR
piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano, Italy
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